Circus Skills Workshops

Spin it! Catch it! Balance it! ... Oops a daisy!

Circus workshops are fantastic fun for all age groups, clients have often said it was the most popular activity of their event.  This is because there really is something for everyone. Impressive-looking tricks can be easily achieved and advanced upon, you do not have to be sporty or co-ordinated. From Family Fun Days to Corporate Team-building, circus days are always a hit. 

What do you do ? Where? How?                          

Indoors (no low ceilings mind!) or outside- anywhere that there is enough room to run around- school hall, function room, playing field, town square, big garden.  For events, we set the circus equipment out & people come & have a go for as long as they like, we are on hand to show them exactly how to make that diabolo climb up the string or do a clever turn whilst spinning poi. Some people get the circus bug & stay with us all day. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Circus skills are ideal for everyone over the age of around 5. There is something about a spinning plate that really gets to adults. They are rather addictive! 

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Circus skills are ideal for all age groups. The perfect activity for families to enjoy together. You do not have to be physically fit or co-ordinated to find something to enjoy. Just situate us in a space and your guests will gravitate towards us!


Is it just a summer thing?

Not at all, it's perfect for winter, works well in any hall, function room, gym with high ceilings, gets you warm & brings the summer inside! On a serious note, the circus skills have saved the day on some of our rainier Summer events. Instead of huddling under marquees, people have come outside in their stylish rainwear & joined in the fun!

Why do children have to be accompanied by an adult?

This is our safeguarding policy. We have in the past had children left alone at outdoor workshops and have had to call security to keep them safe. We are not registered child minders, we are there to teach the skills and are not able supervise any of the participants. We cannot ensure the safety of unattended children. 

So... do you dress as clowns then?

No - we wear Oopsadaisy T shirts or bright clothing. If you have a specific theme for your event, let us know in plenty of time and we will find a cool costume!

Why should we book you eh?

Well you see... Liz and the circus people who help her are very enthusiastic & love teaching circus skills. Our workshops are not about showing off our own skills, it's all about showing you lovely lot how to do them yourselves! 

 We are professional in our presentation and manner

Do you do aerial arts?

No, we use traditional circus workshop toys, a brilliant, inclusive way to get into circus skills. We know some lovely people in our area who do the aerial arts, we often collaborate and can point you in the right direction. 

Brownies, Guides, Scouts, Cubs

We can come along to your groups and teach you the skills to pass your circus badges!

We have worked at Scout and Guide groups and at camps and events for around 17 years!