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To book or request a quote, please call or text:  07758688503

Or email: oopscircus@live.co.uk  

Or message on our Facebook page Oopsadaisy Circus and Face painting: https://www.facebook.com/oopscircus/ 


Why book us?

Oopsadaisy & friends are experienced, professional Face Painters. 

  • I am an Equity Member with public liability Insurance and am DBS checked. 
  • Face painting designs follow trends like anything else. Styles, products and demand change. We keep up to date with global design trends. 
  • We use the best brands of face paint, only available from industry suppliers. They are much more highly pigmented than high-street brands and more vibrant.  Most of these are vegan.
  • We are fast!  We fly through those queues with speedy and sparkly, quality designs.
  • We only use biodegradable glitter. Plant-cellulose based, this breaks down in around a month. 
  • Face-painting at public events is a pretty full-on job requiring experience, skill and patience. We don't just slap the paint on & shout "next!"  It is really important to put a child  (or adult) at ease and make sure they are comfortable with having their face painted. 
  • Industry guidelines are that a child should be aged over 3 years before having their face painted. 

Liz: "I obtained a Diploma in "Theatrical & Media Make-up".  This is not necessary for the industry, there are some brilliant artists out there face-painting without a make-up qualification, but it provides extra peace of mind for our customers. Apart from being a good artistic grounding, it is proof that a Face Painter has studied and understood Health & Safety laws, hygiene & contra-indications. A safe & healthy working environment is really important to me. Any face painter that I bring along will work to these guidelines. "

To book: Call or text 07758688503

Or email: oopscircus@live.co.uk 

Or message on our Facebook page Oopsadaisy Circus and Face painting: https://www.facebook.com/oopscircus/ 

Please remember that one experienced & speedy face-painter can paint 12-15 faces in an hour, not hundreds of people. 


There are a few different ways to book us for your event. You can either pay us by the hour, in order to provide free face-painting  to those attending or for festivals and large events we can come along and charge the public. Another way is for you to pay our hourly rate but have the public pay a small charge and all the takings go to you

How do we work out prices? 

We do full time hours answering queries often late at night,  researching and prepping, buying very pricey stock, business admin, all unpaid. Our hourly rate has to reflect the amount of work behind the couple of hours that we might be at your event. If you have a theme, then we have probably spent a good few hours researching and designing a full menu of faces and perhaps ordered new paint colours just for you.  Then there is the tidy-up operation after each job where everything has to be cleaned, sanitised and re-stocked.

There is a huge difference in outlay, equipment and skill sets between someone who may enjoy face painting as a hobby or sideline and those who make a living from it. Our paints are more highly pigmented than high-street brands, which is why they are so vibrant.  The difference shows in the results, and in the delighted faces of your guests at the Mirror Moment! 

We get a lot of enquiries from charities, all doing amazing work. We have worked at charity events for many years. We do our best to provide a good rate, but sadly our facepainters cannot work for free.  This is not a passtime for us,  it is our day job & how we pay the bills. We have regular charities that we donate our time & materials to every year and cannot take on any other unpaid work.

 For a small charity event it is often better to invest in the facepainters' hourly rate, as it does bring people into the event. Be aware: Some painters may initially agree to work for free or charging the public but then let the event down if a job with a guarranteed fee comes in. I get a lot of calls from event organisers who have been let down last minute, and we are often booked up by that time.

 It is always best to book early with a professional face painter.  If it is a small budget event, you could do what a lot of our local parks do, ie: pay the hourly rate but charge the public and all the takings go to you. This works well for both parties. Or try to obtain a sponsor to pay for face painting.

Free/promotional work 
We do not work for free for the chance to "promote our business". Our facepainters are a great bunch, with years of experience. They have worked hard to get to this standard, invested in expensive equipment and I cannot ask them to travel, pay for childcare, work all day and use their expensive paints for nothing.

 If you are a company wanting facepainters at your exhibition, convention  or event, we are happy to help.  Please enquire about our rates of pay and you will get a professional facepainting service.Thank you.

Email us on: oopscircus@live.co.uk or Tel:07758688503 to discuss the best option for you.

Our Code Of Practice:

Industry Guidelines are that a child should be over 3 years before having their face painted

A parent or guardian must be with the child at public events or in the room at a private party, please do not leave unattended children with us in either case as we are not registered child-minders and cannot supervise them.

We will not paint a child that a cold sore, broken skin, rash, surgical stitches to the face, or any known contagious condition. It is the parents' responsibility to inform us of any condition present.

We appreciate a clean face to paint, baby wipes are on hand for you to use.

We change the paint water frequently

It is possible to be sensitive to one colour of face paint and not another. It is best to wash off the paint if it starts to itch. Face paint should wash off with warm water & a facecloth, baby wipes etc. Some colours may leave a slight residue which will wear off naturally in a day or so.

We appreciate parents' cooperation in not letting children crowd round  a working face-painter. This is for their safety and the safety of those having their faces painted. Please do not let your child near the face painting table or paints.

Without prejudice we reserve the right to refuse to paint any child or adult that appears upset or distressed by having their face painted. Similarly any child or adult that is aggressive towards us. 

We will not paint any person that cannot express their own desire to have their face painted (eg, someone asleep, with severe learning difficulties or an intoxicated person)

Without prejudice we also reserve the right to use our discretion and refuse to paint any design that we feel is offensive or inappropriate. 

We cannot be held responsible for any paint stains on clothing, we try our best to protect it.